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We all want to be healthy, eat well and live free from disease. Let us help you get started…without a doubt, we live in a period of unprecedented medical innovation and discovery. It seems we are constantly bombarded with the results of one health study refuting the results of a previous study on the very same topic. The Opinions, findings, social norms and directives of those we trust can be vociferous and overwhelming. The ensuing conclusion can make managing your well-being via diet and livelihood a challenge.

A few years ago, we took up a personal challenge, through the years we embarked on a journey to alter our diet to transform our lives, and got overwhelming results which evidence how our healthy living options have impacted our lives, to the extent that we feel we can go an extra mile to convince the world on the natural powers that lies in a plant based nutritional diet and thus Veganic Foods was born. 


Affordable healthy vegan food.


Our mission is to help people eat right.


Share an authentic veganic experience with our customers

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Cheelo Chooma
Co-Founder-Pioneer & Director
Nyangu Banda
Production Manager
Muwowo Defoa
Production Assistant
Bruce Nzala
Production Assistant
Ammad Phiri
Choongo Shanzala
Kalunga Cheelo
Distribution & Logistics Manager
Tabalwa Lumamba
Production Assistant
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